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Set Ups

Set Ups (click to find out more)

Headstock Breakages

Electric Guitar Wiring

Re - Stringing

Binding Repairs & Replacements

Nut & Saddle Height Adjustment

Fret Repairs & Replacements

Intonation Adjustment

Acoustic Guitar Pickup Installation

Cracks & Splits

Fingerboard Restoration

From re-string to re-fret, each repair carried out by Surrey Guitar Repair is treated with professional care from our purpose built guitar repair workshops in Surrey.

Did you know that your guitar could be affecting the way you play? Having the action adjusted to suit your playing style could really develop your skills as a guitarist by reduce soreness in your finger tips & making those tricky chords easier to play. Using the wrong strings could be hindering your soloing & a worn fret can be the cause of that fret buzz. Call or email to discuss any problems you are experiencing with your instrument, Surrey Guitar Repair is on hand to help.

How long will the repair take? Depending on the nature of the repair, you can expect the job to be done within 7 days. For more complex repairs or if specialist parts need ordering please expect the repair to take a little longer. Also in busier times you can expect a slightly longer turnaround.

Here are a few examples of guitar repairs that are frequently worked on by qualified luthier, Leigh Jones, here at Surrey Guitar Repair:

Many other musical instrument repair services are able to be performed, the above list shows the most popular casualties that enter the workshop on a regular basis. Please call or email if your have any problems or damages with your instrument that are not featured on this page.

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