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Surrey Guitar Repair will always perform each repair to the highest possible standard and we recommend that a full inspection of work carried out to your instrument is done by you before leaving the premises - providing the customer can meet within the designated workshop opening times as stated on the home page. We also understand that when working with guitars it can take a little time for some adjustments to ‘settle’ ie, truss rods, set ups etc. Therefore, a 30 day tweak service* is available to every customer which will allow  you to bring your instrument back to the same workshop (only) for adjustments -  free of charge - but we will only tweak that instrument that has been repaired by us and only if there is an issue surrounding that particular repair job.

* 28 day tweak service is only offered free of charge to customers providing no other repairs or adjustments have been made to the repair in question by anyone other than Surrey Guitar Repair. If the instrument has been tampered with before it’s return to us, we are legally not obliged to perform any touch ups free of charge, therefore an invoice for additional work carried out will apply. Please note that this does not infringe on your consumer rights as we always recommend the customer visits the workshop if they are not 100% satisfied and that we also recommend before paying for the service that you are completely happy with the repair.

REFUNDS - We do not offer any refunds on services which have been carried out by Surrey Guitar Repair. Customers are given the opportunity to inspect their instruments before a payment transaction is completed and the 30 day tweaking service is then offered. Surrey Guitar Repair will perform the necessary work to ensure you are completely happy with the repair.

Surrey Guitar Repair cannot accept any responsibility for further damage made to your instrument If you fail to provide an adequate bag/case for it’s storage. Of course we will take extreme care not to damage the instrument but it would be a lot safer for both parties if it can be protected.

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